I am a two wheel junkie, born on the east coast, molded in the outdoor sports culture of the great wild west. I ride DH, Trail bikes and a hard tail dirtjumper. I love to be outside and on an adventure. I'm a professional mountain bike racer, mountain bike RTS (riding technique specialist), personal trainer out of Santa Cruz Strong and student. I attend Cabrillo Community College where I am getting a Bachelors in Kinesiology. 

Cycling has been a way for me to discover my own potential, understand my personal hurdles and come out of the experience a stronger, more confident person. I want to share this gift with others. I want to help facilitate people’s ability to open up to their own potential and connect to their best self through cycling. Since a young age, I have sought after and benefited from interaction with strong role models who have helped me on my path to self-discovery, helped me gain self confidence and helped me learn to trust myself. I want to give to others in this way and believe that sport and physical education are amazing conduits to these ends. Here's to a happy, healthy and long life!

Racing the Santa Cruz Super Enduro